About house Music : After the wave of industrial techniques flourished from a Britain struck with manufacturing and machine processing in the 18th century, no one imagined the digital and electronic one that would revolutionize the world decades later.

Electronic Music Generator, Germany.

The digital revolution has touched music way before it has touched the business world we are thriving in today. Music has been “electrocuted” as far back as the 30’s and 40’s, when the Italians discovered sounds which they classified as unorthodox. Music production, as expected, thrived in a speedy fashion as to result in producing the first electronic generators from Germany and to a first showcase of algorithmic composition in Australia.

The Warehouse, Chicago, US.


Let’s jump to the 80’s. Where? Chicago. Say again? An underground club full of people dancing, in Chicago. To what? A mix of rap, dub reggae, synth pop, even jazz, all with respect to astounding and deep basslines struck by focused mechanical beats.
You have now experienced house music in its early days, as purely experimented and unleashed by Frankie Knuckles, Phuture, Mr Fingers, and numerous others.
What’s next? Put your hands up for Detroit! Spread it to Europe, dance it off in South America, pump it up in Australia. House music has spread through the world faster than a rumor in high school. Pop charts around the world have been conquered by electronic tracks and therefore become subject to a fusion with pop and many music genres.
Fabric, London, UK


Feeling too old? Alright. Let’s jump a couple of decades. You are in 2010. Not far back right? You are waiting outside. The line is very long and full of impatient young internationals. The night is very cold in London. You can’t wait to get inside and run to the underground space. 3, 2, 1 … you are inside dancing your ass off like crazy to the beats Fabric is touching your soul with. Your youth is activated like crazy. You are ignited by a wave of atmospheric deep house and fired up with minimalistic micro-house. You have been dancing to numerous genres, all of which are house music that have been loyal to the core elements that once gave it the gift of life. You have been punched in the face repeatedly by Mark Knight, Pete Tong, Dubfire, Marc Romboy, and many many others.
These genres now include tech, electro, acid, ghetto, prog, and deep, all of which numerous sub-genres have developed from today.
Atlas Electronic, Marrakech, Morocco.


Wow. House music has flashed at the speed of sound and is phasing at the speed of light now. But at the end of the day, you, like me, are a Moroccan, who has most probably fallen in love with house music in the 90’s. You believe it’s time to share this passion. Yes it is. Let’s share it, let’s spread it with utmost love through Les Nuits du Mix.